Giving Up is Not an Option

Setting your goals and believing in your dreams are the first steps to success; a wonderful time of being filled with hope and excitement in the possibilities of achieving them. The key, however, to crossing the finish-line line is in your Commitment and Persistence. Giving up can never be an option.  The truth is most […]

Your Potential for Greatness


One evening sitting in a diner having a cup of coffee with a friend I took a moment to glance out the window and noticed a man passing by.  It was someone walking to his car but what caught my eye was his slow stride, slummed shoulders and his head looking down as he walked. It […]

Step Into Your Goals

are you achieving

Many years ago there was a TV commercial for English muffins which had a catchy theme to it. An elderly man saying, in a New England sort of accent, “You Can’t Get There from Here”. With the repetition of viewing this commercial, the saying caught on.  People would use it as a declaration to say, […]