Start With The End In Mind

The Journey

A while ago I decided that I wanted to buy a house in a warmer climate and the first thing I did was to create a vision of what I wanted. I created a mind-movie of how it would look and how I imagined it would feel to live there. The question I asked myself […]

Visionary Thinking is a Key to Success


Last week I had the opportunity to visit Concord, Mass on a historical tour. Not only was it a beautiful and quaint setting but the stories of all the successful authors and artists that lived there in the early years of America were amazing. If I could sum up, in a few words, my observation […]

What is Motherhood?

Motherhood is

Motherhood is a celebrated topic this Mother’s Day week, and one that leaders know comes in many forms. Mothering may have little to do with birthing a child, as women in leadership, we learn to mother in entirely different ways.   Maya Angelou, the poet, taught us that we are of our mothers and from […]

Where Do You Find Your Greatness?

How many of us watch the Super Bowl each year just to see the messages? Maybe that is just me?  Yes, the game is exciting, but my favorite part is watching the creativity of the commercials. I love that in just a few seconds a wonderful message is delivered in each commercial. Ads seem to speak […]

Do You Identify the 5 Stages of Successful Leading?

The Journey

Did you ever notice what you are noticing? Sitting in church one Sunday I could not help but notice the message on the back of a young man’s tee shirt. During the service he sat in the pew in front of me and each time we stood the message on his shirt was in front […]