Are You Committed and Accountable?


  As I have outlined before I believe the keys to success are these three actions. They require you to engage in your vision, to identify your path and to learn how to enact your outcomes that lead to your vision fulfilled! Ready for the three steps? I believe of us are capable of […]

Your Thoughts Have Power

The Journey

Did you ever have an idea or a thought that pops into your mind and you chase it away without acting on it? What would happen if you listened to your “GUT” and immediately followed through? It is said that everyone has a million-dollar idea at least once in her lifetime, but most never act […]

Feeling Overwhelmed…B.R.E.A.T.H.E.


Fall is here! Are you feeling the anticipation of more than you imagined happening at once?  School is starting, schedules are changing, opportunities are part of the overwhelm. What to say “yes” to, what to say “no” to…  Leaders can easily become disenchanted with the life they’ve built if a seasonal change doesn’t include a […]