Leaders in the KNOW … GROW!

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Did you ever read something that you could just not imagine being a reality?  I had this experience when I read the blog title “Suitcase or Backpack” which totally amazed me as it was something completely out of my awareness. How could anyone travel with ONLY a backpack and still have everything they would need […]

The Power of Good People Skills

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Have you ever had an experience that made you feel ignored or maybe even invisible?  The other day I was at a Dr.’s office waiting to check in at the reception desk for my appointment… did I say waiting?  I stood there for over 5 minutes before anyone acknowledged that I was even there.  Now […]


The words and saying Just Keep Going written on sticky notes to illustrate determination, tenacity, persistence and a positive winning attitude

It seems today more and more people are joining Direct Sales Companies.  Some are looking to make a little extra cash and others are looking to be their own boss and the opportunity to build a very profitable organization. I love the Direct Sales Industry for all that it offers in rewards; especially the opportunity […]