Leaders Engage Their People

Barbara Sunden Journal

Love life, engage in it, give it all you got. Love it with a passion, because life truly does give back many times over, what you put in to it.                                                ~ Maya Angelou […]

7 Tips for Success


There is a great quote from JFK…. “Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.”  Whether you attend a mid year event or the ‘kick-off” event for the company’s new year after the event is over there are many directions you can go in and things to focus on. However success is in […]

Do you know how to succeed in business?

The Journey

Have you identified what it is you do?  It seems a silly question, but really, have you identified what it is that you do, how it is different from what others do and in what order you do it? Another question is where and when do you engage the skills you need to do? We […]

Leaders are Decisive

Yes No Maybe - 3 Colorful Arrow Signs

Decisions, Decisions, Decision.  WE are making decisions daily; some small and some life changing. The key to decision making is to DO IT… Make the decision get off the fence and move on. Do it, deal with it and move on. How many of you are thinking … it just isn’t that easy and you […]

Leaders Keep It Simple

The Journey

Have you ever been in transition? New territory that you have no idea how your success will look in the new role? I know a good bit about that the last 18 months. As many of you know I fulfilled the role of a global direct sales leader for over three decades for one company, […]