What Does it Really Mean to Be a Leader?


Leaders are found everywhere; in business, military, politics, in families or with friends. Somewhere, at some time, every one of us is looked to … ‘to take the lead’.  Some people position themselves as leaders because of title, but leadership goes way beyond title.  I witnessed this while I was growing up.  My mother modeled […]

Back to the Basics


If you know me than you know that I really love a good cup of coffee! To some I may seem to be picky when it comes to my coffee, but the truth is I drink it black and there is no masking the taste of black coffee. Without sugar or milk the coffee stands […]



How many of us watch the Super Bowl each year just to see the messages? Maybe that is just me?  Yes, the game is exciting, but my favorite part is watching the creativity of the commercials. I love that in just a few seconds a wonderful message is delivered in each commercial. Ads seem to speak […]

3 Tips for Success


Happy July – another month ahead filled with possibilities. I want to share ” Barbara’s Basics” -Tips for Success….. These are things I believe that kept me on track for success…They are very SIMPLE!!  Deadlines- I always had a definite deadline to complete a task or to accomplish an objective. Those deadlines kept me focused […]

On the other side of the finish line


I recently read a  quote that truly got my attention as truth: “EVERY FINISH LINE IS THE  START OF A NEW RACE” which got me thinking about the other side of the finish line….,,, What an interesting thought. A concept that is so important for achieving continued success as  success is dependent on what actually happens […]