Simple Success Formula


Standing before audiences of women at speaking events, I choose to introduce myself with this statement….  “I Am Woman – Hear me ROAR!”  This is my declaration that I am confident, intentional and ready to soar. Positive statements are great self-talk and as I often say, the ‘marching orders’ to our sub-conscious mind.  What do […]

The Power of Asking Quality Questions

vector illustration of a man who asks questions

Although I left my direct sales career over three years ago I am often asked a series of questions about it. Is it worth it?  Would you do it again and the BIG question, “What advise would you give me? I always find it interesting that these are the most frequently asked questions. It is said, […]

How can You Enjoy Your ‘Life Journey’?

Sept 1 b

How often have we heard someone reference the quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Life is Journey not a Destination.”?   What a marvelous question to ask yourself?  It seems in today’s world the main focus each day is the TO DO LIST … to hurry from one event or appointment to another. A society that is […]