Journey to Success


One of my favorite childhood movies was The Wizard of Oz and over the years it served as metaphor many times for me. Although the story line was about the Wicked Witch and the Good Witch I always referred to them as the Negative Witch and the Positive Witch. I realized you don’t have to […]

Do You Give It All You’ve Got?

Barbara Sunden's The Journey Newsletter

At a recent family gathering I was having such fun chatting with a dear relative, whom I had not seen for a number of years. We chatted our way down memory lane laughing and kidding each other as we remembered the good and not so good times of the past. It was also fun to […]

The 3 Roles of a Successful Leader

Leadership, Professional Development

Very often I receive a request to Coach or Mentor someone and usually after chatting with them I realize they are not really aware that there are differences in: Coaching Mentoring Being a Role Model A leader’s key role is to give Guidance to team members, but it sometimes can cause confusion. Understanding how to […]