Do You Identify the 5 Stages of Successful Leading?

The Journey

Did you ever notice what you are noticing? Sitting in church one Sunday I could not help but notice the message on the back of a young man’s tee shirt. During the service he sat in the pew in front of me and each time we stood the message on his shirt was in front […]

Legacy Leadership…is created in the moment.

Dream Big, Set Goals, Take Action chalk drawing

Today it seems everyone is talking about Legacy Leadership but I wonder is the meaning of Legacy truly understand? Webster’s dictionary defines legacy as, “anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor.” We often think in terms of the past to define Legacy but legacy is not restricted to time spent. It […]

Reflections of Success


The other day I came across a copy of a monthly newsletter that I had published for my team. What caught my eye was the newsletter’s title: Reflections of Success. Reflections! I took a moment to reflect on my journey to Leadership.  I thought of the mentors I had and some of the messages they […]

It All Starts With Sparkle

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IT ALL STARTS WITH SPARKLE…. Were you ever walking along and all of a sudden a shiny object caught your eye? You noticed something sparkling … it might have been an object on the ground twinkling in the sunshine or maybe you noticed something sparkling, or glittering when you were shopping and had to stop […]

Living in Your Vision

  It was in the early days of my career that I was given a book, AS A MAN THINKETH by James Allen.  It was a tiny book presented at the conclusion of a training event and at that time little did I know how it would impact my life. Reading this book led me to […]