Hear Me Roar

I love affirmations and one that I am personally adopting is “Hear Me ROAR!” I first heard this phrase many years ago in the lyrics of singer Helen Reddy’s song; I am Woman….hear me roar.  Most currently, with Katie Perry’s song ‘Roar’…. Why would this be my affirmation of choice? I guess for many reasons […]

Successful Leaders Play Full-Out!

I am sure this is something you did not know about me…..I enjoy watching the game of baseball! I am a fan that really comes to life during the playoffs and the World Series but I do keep my “eye on the ball” throughout the season. (Sorry for the pun…). Have you ever noticed how […]

Life Lives In Words

questions of leadership

Have  you ever caught a phrase from someone that immediately resonated with you so much that over time it sort of became a mantra for you?   One phrase in particular had that affect on me!   LIFE LIVES IN WORDS. From the beginning of my interest in self-help books and self improvement trainings I became aware […]