What is the Elite Leader?

The Journey

A few weeks ago a reader asked me a very poignant question concerning a June event.  “How can I take time off for learning, when I am trying so very hard to earn the next level, I don’t want to risk losing two days.” While I admired her tenacity to identify the goal as well […]

Recipe for Success

Recipe for success

What are you cooking up when it comes to success?  Did you ever think that there are ingredients to success? It’s the same as using a recipe when preparing a meal or baking a cake. We start with the end in mind and then check to make sure we have all the ingredients before we […]

Leaders Seek Higher Ground

Beautifully Bold Fall Retreat

I have noticed that many Successful Leaders seem to develop Eagle Qualities. Like an Eagle; They Soar to Amazing Heights Usually Fly Solo Are Always Seeking Higher Ground. Their higher ground may be high up in a tree or on a ledge at the top of a cliff.  Ross Perot said, “Eagles don’t flock, you […]