Will You Make Your Dream Happen? 2 Determining Factors

Your Money Check Payment in Mailbox

Will Your Dream Happen? There are 2 Determining Factors. The story of The Teller of Life…..  A middle-aged man walked into a bank.  He approached the teller and asked,    “Will you cash this check?” The teller looked at the check. “Well sure, I can cash the check. Just put your name on the back […]

Preparing for Success, Finding Your Tribe


Leaders take the lead.  Success is built upon taking the lead each step of your day.  It’s about pausing to ask what you truly want. It’s taking the time to stop the dialogues in your world and truly stop and listen to what it is that calls from deep within you.  Have you ever tried […]

Beautifully Bold Leadership

Women with Vision

Some days when speaking to an audience I refer to myself as, Barbara Extraordinaire…. Not meant to be a ‘bragging’ statement but a Bold one; one I feel I can legitimately say. That’s what I want to discuss … Bold enough to ROAR! Let’s look at ROAR;  Responsibility, Opportunity, Action, Reward How many of you are just starting […]