Leaders are Decisive

Yes No Maybe - 3 Colorful Arrow Signs

Decisions, Decisions, Decision.  WE are making decisions daily; some small and some life changing. The key to decision making is to DO IT… Make the decision get off the fence and move on. Do it, deal with it and move on. How many of you are thinking … it just isn’t that easy and you […]

Leaders Keep It Simple

The Journey

Have you ever been in transition? New territory that you have no idea how your success will look in the new role? I know a good bit about that the last 18 months. As many of you know I fulfilled the role of a global direct sales leader for over three decades for one company, […]

10 Classic Books for Leadership


Are you teachable? You know we do not have to walk alone in our path to success. I believe that in order to ROAR as a leader one has to consistently seek knowledge and wisdom from others who have successfully made their own mark in their careers. Knowledge is the fuel of excellence.  Today’s technology […]

Motivating versus Educating in Sales


I want to share with  you a little story about a very sweet leader I once worked with.  She was the kind of person you instantly wanted to like, to know, to watch to see where she was going.  Fun, together, looking sharp.  It just didn’t make sense to me when I saw her struggling […]

Are you ready to Succeed Routinely?

Location, Location, Location! How many of us have heard that the key to success in buying or selling real estate is location, location, location!!!? These past few months I have been looking for a 2nd home and although I recently found a wonderful house… actually a dream house I did Not buy it.  This house […]