Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours

Place seeting ready for Thanksgiving

This day we celebrate families coming together, individuals helping individuals accomplish what only together, what can be done. This Thanksgiving, may your day be filled with family, friends, and fellowship. May your vision for your life be clear and focused. May you do work that you are proud of and may it always serve others, […]

Live Your Life by Design


I find it so interesting to see where a simple task might take you, no not on a trip but rather on a ‘journey of the mind’. In need of a calendar for next year to continue working on my schedule I went into a lovely bookstore to buy one. That store was a great […]

Success is 85% Attitude

Leadership, Professional Development

  In the 70’s unknowingly I stepped into a world of possibilities. How did that happen you might ask? Actually, at the time I thought I was signing up for a sales career with plans for it to be quit short lived but from the moment I began the universe conspired to expand my thinking and […]